the ady gil

Ady Gil - the beginning (including the few blogs that Pete was allowed to send during the campaign)

Ady Gil - the end?  Coming soon: What really happened?  Will there be another Ady Gil? 


17 October 2009:  The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) unveil Earthrace, now re-named ‘Ady Gil’ in honour of Ady Gil, founder of California-based American Hi Definition (AHD), who donated $1 million towards the purchase of the boat.  The Ady Gil becomes the newest member of their anti-whaling fleet for ‘Operation Waltzing Matilda’ in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary


22 December:  ‘Ady Gil’ arrives in Antarctica


5 January:  Japanese whaling vessel, ‘Shonan Maru #2’ rams ‘Ady Gil’, slicing her in two

7 January:  ‘Ady Gil’ sinks in the Antarctic

15 February: Bethune boards Shonan Maru #2 intending to carry out a citizen's arrest of the ship's captain, Hiroyuki Komiya, and to present him with a US $3m (£2m) bill for the loss of the Ady Gil.  He is held as prisoner on board as Shonan Maru #2 returns to Japan

12 March:  arrested on arrival in Japan

2 April:  Bethune is formally charged with five counts – trespass, causing injuries, forcible obstruction of business, destruction of property and illegal possession of a knife (a pocket knife used by Bethune to cut the anti-boarding net on the Shonan Maru #2)

27 May: trial begins – Bethune accepts four charges, but denies injuring a Japanese crew member

3 June:  first phase of trial ends – Bethune awaits sentencing

7 July:  Pete is found guilty of all charges, and receives a two year sentence, suspended for five years, allowing him to leave Japan.   He arrives home in New Zealand on 10 July

18 Nov:  Maritime NZ release report into collision

You can view pictures of the Ady Gil, taken by Larry Routledge, Ady Gil crew member, here