the end? 

On 5 January 2010, the Ady Gil, with five crew and a cameraman on board, was deliberately rammed by the Shonan Maru #2, slicing off the entire bow almost up to the cockpit.   Despite calls for help, the Japanese refused to come to the aid of the Ady Gil and continued to bombard them with water cannon.

Luckily, the Sea Shepherd vessel, the Bob Barker, was close by and was able to pick up the crew.  But they were unable to salvage the Ady Gil, which sunk two days later.

You can view a selection of videos from youtube of the Ady Gil and of the collision here.

On 15 February, skipper Pete Bethune boarded the Shonan Maru at night, jumping on board from a jet ski.  He intended to carry out a citizen's arrest of the captain, Hiroyuki Komiya, and present him with a US $3 million bill for the loss of the Ady Gil.

Pete was held on board the Japanese ship, and returned to Japan to face a trial on five charges: trespass, causing injuries, forcible obstruction of business, destruction of property and illegal possession of a knife (a pocket knife used by Bethune to cut the anti-boarding net on the Shonan Maru #2).

On the advice of his legal team, when the trial started on 27 May 2010, Pete didn’t plead guilty but he did acknowledge four of the charges.  However, he strongly refuted the charge of injuring a Japanese crew member.  Pete maintained that any injuries the man received were self-inflicted from the use of his own pepper spray.  The first phase of the trial ended on 3 June.
On 7 July, Pete was found guilty of all five charges, sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for five years.  Later that week, he was deported from Japan, arriving back in Auckland, NZ on 10 July.

so is that the end of the story?

Search on Google for 'Ady Gil collision'...or 'rammed'...or 'sunk', and you'll find well over 4 million links to items of news for each search.  There are millions more documenting the journey of Earthrace.  There are also pages on facebook, petition sites, photoblogs on flickr, hundreds of videos on youtube...
"Thank you Captain Bethune"                           Free Pete                                    Free Pete Bethune
At least our beautiful boat was lost whilst continuing to create news across the globe, drawing attention the unneccesary and brutal practice of whaling and to our own human impact on our environment.  Job done!
The story isn't over though...plans are underway to build a new boat - bigger, faster (and hopefully more comfortable!)...and there's more exciting news coming soon...

We’ll keep you posted!  For the latest, check out Pete on facebook or join his fan page