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22 March 2011:  There are now Earthrace Conservation chapters in Sweden, UK, USA, Africa, New Zealand and Australia with more on the way.  Having a network of chapters around the world means that the organisation will not only be able to carry out specific missions in different areas, but that marine conservation issues can be addressed on a local basis relevant to each country.  Find out more on our Chapter facebook pages - join the one nearest to you and start making a difference in your own back yard!

27 February 2011: Pete has just returned from Trinidad where he worked alongside local conservation gorup, the Trini Eco Warriors.  A fantastic result with a promise from the Government to change laws relating to the legal hunting of endangered sea turtles.  Read all about it here

18 Feb 2011:  Earthrace Conservation Organisation (ECO) is coming together with a great team of volunteers working hard to start the ball rolling with some amazing marine conservation missions.  For all the up to date news, friend us on


23 November 2010  Earthrace Conservation launched.  Pete has announced the formation of a new environmental action group that will focus on marine conservation.  It will be named ‘Earthrace Conservation’ in honour of the original Earthrace.

Bethune remains passionate about the environment and the fight against whaling in particular.  However, he has formed the new organisation to address not only whaling but the wider issues that affect all marine life, from overfishing to habitat destruction and pollution. Full details here

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