When the Craig loomes Design Group originally concieved the tri-hull wavepiercer, there were no existing formulae to indicate perfromance.  They believed in the design, but needed more information to embark on the design of a full race boat. 

So a relatively small 6.5m (22ft) prototype was built at Custom Yachts (now Harbour Yachts) in Auckland, New Zealand.  From the very first sea trial the team knew this design was something special.  Over a period of several months, the prototype underwent extensive testing and modifications, in an effort to understand the design charactersitics. 

One of the great things with this design was way the sponsons (outriggers) ride on the wake of the central hull. This made it very efficient in a certain speed range.  The prototype allowed the Design team to understand the many parameters that affect  this, and this data was then used in designing the full Earthrace boat. 

The prototype today lives in Auckland and is used for fishing trips.