Cummins Mercruiser Diesel supplied all the engines for Earthrace from the start.  There are two QSC-540 engines producing a combined power output of 1080 horsepower.  These engines use common rail technology, a quantum leap forward in terms of both efficiency and emissions, compared with conventional diesel injection.

The engines feature turbochargers with a boost pressure up to 45 psa (3 bar), an intercooler (aftercooler), and they are cooled via a raw water intake.  So we suck up sea water, pass this through a heat exchanger, which then cools the coolant in the engines.  Earthrace runs a wet exhaust, where our exhaust gases are mixed with waterm before being discharged.  Even so, there is a nice throaty howl from these engines as you wind them up to 1080 horsepower. 

Each engine has its own 10 micron Racor 75/1000 max fuel filter, plus a secondary 2 micron fuel filter on the engine itself.  The engines are totally standard, and we run 100% biodiesel in them.

CMD as part of their sponsorship package, service and repair the engines wherever we are around the globe, and we benefit immensely from their extensive support network. 

ZF Marine

ZF Marine have sponsored the gearboxes for Earthrace.  They are the ZF-305A single speed box.  These provide us with forward, neutral, and reverse.  The gearbox ration is 2.423:1.  So for every full turn the propeller makes, the engine has done 2.423 rotations. 

The engine controls have also been sponsored by ZF.  The most visible part of this is the throttles, which can run independently, or the two engines can be linked to provide identical engine speeds. 

Again ZF support us wherever we are in the world, and they have been a fantastic sponsor.


Two CMD QSC 540 engines The ZF 305A Gearbox