the world's coolest boat!

Earthrace was a 24m (78ft) tri-hull wavepiercer that was designed and built specifically to break the record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe.  She was an advanced endurance vessel, capable of submarining up to 7m (23ft) underwater as she powersed across the oceans.  One journalist reported that "Earthrace is like a rally car but for oceans, with her ability to handle rough seas and storm conditions at high speed." 

Get a close up view of the helm and the deck here

The following descriptions of various aspects of the boat were written before Earthrace was sunk by the Japanese whaling vessel, Shonan Maru 2, on 6 January 2010.

the horns

There are a many features that stand out on Earthrace.  Firstly the distinctive horns.  These are actually ducts.  Hot air from around the engines is expelled out the top of these, while cool air is sucked through the lower channel and funnelled under the engines.  This however is not powered, it runs simply by convection.  In big seas (waves over 8m (26ft)) the horns get submerged, however any water ingress is ducted out the sides automatically.  Also, because Earthrace is only underwater for a few seconds at a time, the engine bay holds enough air to keep the 1080hp of Cummins Mercruiser engine roaring along. 


Another feature about Earthrace is her unusual appearance, especially the extremely narrow hulls and flowing lines.  She has this shape to allow her to pass easily through waves, rather than riding over the top like conventional designs. 


The range of Earthrace depends on speed.  At 6 knots she can go an incredible 13,000nm (24,000km) on one tank of biodiesel.  That's over half way around the globe!  Of course your crew gets grumpy at 6kn when you're in such a high speed vessel.  At 25 knots she has a range of about 2,000nm (3,700km). 


Much of the Earthrace helm has has been modelled on race cars.  In the image here you can move around the earthrace helm using your mouse.  The file may take a few minutes to load, but it is really cool.  Recent additions to the helm are custom carbon / kevlar racing seats by Corbeau and a custom made pre-preg carbon steering wheel by Reverie.

more about Earthrace

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navigate the earthrace helm and deck through the images below

Using your mouse (left click and drag) you can move around the Earthrace helm and cockpit.  Click on the images below to load the program, wait until the file has loaded (it may take a minute or so), then move around.  Using your "shift" and "control" keys you can zoom in and out.  These two files were kindly developed by Studio Stemmler in Hamburg for us

navigate the earthrace helm or cockpit

Click on either above image and wait for the program to load (it may take a minute or so).  Left click and drag over the new image (or use your keyboard arrows) and you can look around the helm or the cockpit.  You can also zoom in and out using the shift and control keys.  The files were generously developed for us by Stemmler Studio in Hamburg.