world record crews

2008 world record crew

Pete Bethune - founder and skipper

•    General Manager and Founder (CamSensor Technologies Ltd) NZ, Australia, UK and Croatia
•    Oil Exploration Engineer (Schlumberger SA) North Sea UK and North Africa
•    Project Manager (Imaje Coding Technologies Ltd)
•    MBA - MGSM Sydney
•    Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) - Auckland University
•    Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics) -Waikato University
•    Coastal Yachtmaster
•    Offshore Medic

Pete has a wealth of knowledge on the oil industry, having worked as an Oil Exploration Engineer in New Zealand, the North Sea and North Africa.  He co-founded the hi-tech company CamSensor, which makes automated cameras for performing robot control and automated quality control.

Pete is passionate about the environment, and believes strongly that renewable fuels must become a key part of our transport fuel mix.

He is also keen to promote positive measures that everyday people can make to reduce their environmental impact, not just in transport fuels, but in many areas of their lives.  His goal was to see the Earthrace boat and crew become a positive promotion for change.


Adam Carlson - navigator

* Born 1986
* From Onsala, Sweden
* Costal Yatchmaster
* Commercial captain in Sweden
* Certificate in Marine Engineering
* High Speed vessel certificate
* Boat commander Combatboat 90H, Swedish Navy

Adam did his military service as a Boat commander on Combatvoat 90H in the Swedish Navy. The education from the navy gave him the right to be a commercial captain in Sweden and a special High Speed vessel certificate. After the navy he started to drive RIB-boats (Ridged Inflatable Boat) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

He joined Earthrace in beginning of August 2007, in Karlskrona, Sweden and was on board for the rest of the European Tour as well as for the world record itself.

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Facebook: Adam Carlson,

Mark Russell – on board engineer

* MCA Master of Yachts 200 tons (unlimited)
* MCA Chief Mate (yachts) 3000 tons (unlimited)
* MCA Marine Engine Operator License (yachts)
* USCG 100 ton Master  (tow endorsement)
* Diving Instructor with PADI, TDI and SDI
* Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver
* BSc. (hons) Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, University of Plymouth

Mark is from London and has been on or in the water from an early age. He achieved a competent crew certificate at the age of thirteen and has been a water baby ever since. He has sailed small yachts around most of the English Channel as well as competing in a trans Atlantic sailing race.

While completing a degree in Marine Biology in Plymouth he became a keen surfer and was a regular in the line up at Bantham beach. During the degree course Mark became very aware of environmental issues, especially those impacting the marine and coastal zone. He is a dedicated conservationist.

After graduating, Mark started a career as a professional diver. After doing this in the chilly waters of the UK he went abroad.

Working as a professional diver lead onto a career as a videographer underwater, from where he moved onto to working on decks and dry land.  After obtaining further qualifications, he has since worked as bosun, mate and captain as well as second engineer and chief engineer on both sailing yachts and motor yachts.

He worked for several years in the South Pacific and several in the Caribbean, finally returning to Europe to work in the Mediterranean. Mark is thirty one years old and is married to a beautiful Irish girl called Jennifer. He has a baby daughter who is nine months old.

He joined Earthrace in Portugal in November 2007. His favourite Earthrace quote is, “Drive it like you stole it!”

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Rob Drewett – on board cameraman

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2008 world record guest crew

Lisa Topley - Sagunto, Spain to Azores
Anton Kokshorn - Puerto Rico to Panama
Bobbo Jetmundsen - Panama Canal
Guillermo Woodward - Isla Navidad to San Diego
John Sheets - San Diego to Hawaii
William Berry - Palau to Singapore
Paul Manifould - Singapore to Cochin
Justin Beeton - Suez to Sagunto
Paul Topley - Suez to Sagunto

Fiona Clark, CEO and head of ground crew

Fiona joined Earthrace in January 2008 as Chief Executive Officer and Head of Ground Crew. She was responsible for all pre-race project management, raising sponsorship, financial management and coordinating logistics. During the race she travelled ahead of the boat along with Adrian and Tino, to manage the project and provide the essential logistical support to the boat throughout the record attempt, including fuel delivery; customs clearance; refuelling; mechanical and engineering maintenance; and supplies. She was responsible for all media liaison at each fuel stop, sponsorship servicing, TV rights - and raising some additional funds along the way!

Fiona is currently Chief Executive of Get Connected (, a UK charity providing a free confidential helpline service for young people under 25 and signposting them to the help they need.

Prior to that, Fiona built a successful career as a theatre producer, running London’s Bush Theatre for eight years, specialising in commissioning and producing new work. Fiona has a wealth of knowledge in both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors, having managed a wide range of arts organisations and projects. Her work includes producing and presenting theatre, film and TV development, as well as managing West End and Off-Broadway transfers and large scale national and international touring projects. She specialised in production, project management, and sponsorship and rights acquisitions.

Fiona has recently been invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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Adrian Erangey – Operations Director, ground crew

Adrian comes from Shanagarry, near Midleton,Co.Cork, Ireland.

He joined Earthrace as boat crew in May 2007 during the first record attempt. He loved it so much that he stayed on as crew for the European tour during the summer of 2007.  He was Operations Manager for the team in 2008 for the world record.  Adrian brings a large amount of practical sailing and boating experience with him but his background is in IT and Telecoms.

Working closely with Pete, he was in charge of the daily running of entire operation and ensuring a smooth passage for the boat as she stopped in every port for fuel during the race. This involved dealing with Customs, shippers, Pilots, Harbour Masters and ensuring fuel got into the boat quickly.  He was instrumental in getting a quick and safe transit through the Panama and Suez Canals as well as attending to other thousands of little things every day that went un-mentioned.

He was also overseeing the IT needs of the boat and crews so that they will had all the latest Satellite technology on board to allow the team to communicate from anywhere in the world.

Adrian has a 12 year old son in Ireland called Adam who has also joined the ground crew on various open days to help out.

Since completing the world record, Adrian has joined Voxalis, a revolutionary IP telephony company based in England where he now lives.

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Tino de Freitas – Chief Engineer, ground crew

Tino joined Earthrace in November 2007, he was Chief Engineer and miracle worker for the 2008 record attempt.  Among his responsibilities were the installation and maintenance of the new Cummins Mercruiser engines and ZF Marine gearboxes during the pre-record refit.

After the accident in Palau, he organised and carried out the repairs to  Earthrace in Singapore. Despite heavy damage, the boat back in the water in 72 hours.

He has a background in automotive engineering with a keen interest in racing. In Guyana where he was born, he was the workshop manager for Central Garage and wrote his Masters thesis on the thermal efficiency of bio fuels for race cars.

Following the race, Tino took a position  with SGC Energia, our fuel sponsor, in Portugal.He is currently working on second generation bio fuels.

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Beverley Bailey - head of media, base crew

Bev joined Earthrace in September 2007.  She had worked as a 'normal 'PR consultant for far too long and wanted some fun(?) and a new challenge.

Past, albeit diverse, clients include the Wakeboard World Cup (UK tour), 'One Day for Life' - a book of photographs taken on one single day in Britain; the Michelin F1 Driving Experience, PR support for one of Britain's  few amateur teams to compete in the Dakar Rally, NHS Careers, and a flea treatment for cats and dogs.

She's based in London with her dachshund, Limo, and is Ali Bradshaw's (younger) sister - see below.  Since Earthrace, Bev has worked for a variety of other organisations and being a glutton for punishment, is currently Director of Communications for Earthrace Conservation Organisation (and no, she's still not getting paid!).

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Ali Bradshaw - administrator and 'freebie queen'

Ali is one of the world’s great organisers - as her husband, Dan, and two children, Livvy and Alex, will testify!

Having stumbled upon Earthrace (almost literally) when the boat visited London in September 2007, and with Dan having already taken on Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest, Ali decided it was her turn to get involved in a big adventure. She became the 'freebie queen' of the team, managing to source sponsors for everything from composite materials for the refit to a new microwave for the boat.

When she wasn't  working for Earthrace, Ali was (and still is) the personal assistant to philanthropist Felix Posen, a position she has held for the past 20 years.  Nothing if not a stayer is our Ali!

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Karolina Romanek - administrator

* MA - International Political and Economical Relations (Warsaw University, Poland)

Karolina joined Earthrace in September 2007 and worked closely with Fiona and Adrian during the refit.  As well as assisting with making sure that Earthrace continued on her journey, Karolina also had responsibility for liaising with embassies, NGOs, and schools on the 2007 and 2008 tour as well being the contact point for the thousands of Earthrace supporters throughout the record attempt.

Before she joined Earthrace, Karolina was Training Coordinator for Specialised Courses at the International Law Enforcement Academy, Budapest, Hungary. Karolina joined Earthrace because she was passionate about the cause and she fell in love with the project.

Karolina speaks fluent Hungarian, English, Polish, Russian as well as Arabic... bit of a swot really!

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Sharyn Bethune – Administrator and all round saint!

Sharyn works as an aerobics instructor and also a medical receptionist. Once Earthrace is done and dusted, she hopes to study Sports Rehabilitation or radiology.

 She first set eyes on Pete when she was the tender age of 14, he was 17 and swinging from the rafters of her parents garage, with a duck caller in his mouth, and a flagon of cheap wine attached to his belt. "Not sure if it was love at first sight, but I certainly noticed him".

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Danielle Bethune - All round cool chick

Daniells’s interests include art, using oils, acrylics, and water colours, story writing (which she is very good at due to her overactive imagination), and going to the beach to swim, boogie board, and hang out with her friends.

She is a member of WWF, and PETA, and has a great love of animals. She recently convinced her mum that fostering 5 kittens, and a mother cat was a good idea. She is very passionate about what she believes in (very much like her father), and does not stop until she gets the result she set out to achieve.

Danielle is unsure about what she wants to be when she grows up, but whatever she chooses, we know she will be good at it!

Alycia Bethune - All round cool chick no 2

Alycia goes to Northcross Intermediate School (year 8), in Auckland. Her interests include piano (she got 97% in her first theory exam - clever like her Mum!).

She enjoys roller blading and going to sleepovers.  She also loves animals, and informed Sharyn the other day that the family have had over 49 pets in the 12 years she has been alive.

Note to Sharyn - I MUST LEARN TO SAY ‘NO’! Alycia isn’t sure what she will do when she gets older, but it will be something to do with animals, and again, she will also be good at what she chooses.

world record attempt 2007

Pete Bethune - founder, skipper and CEO

Marty Mead - Chief Engineer

* US Coast Guard licensed engineer unlimited horsepower
* US Coast guard licensed master 100 gross ton, 500 pending
* STCW at sea survival training
* Certified rescue diver
* 1st responder/first aid cpr

Marty is 38 and hails from Orcas Island Washington State. He is the owener of mead biofuel, a distributor of B100 biodiesel. Marty also owns North Shore Charters, an Eco tour charter service in the San Juan Islands. Powered by Biodiesel.

Ryan Heron – on board cinematographer and documentary film director

•  Graduate - South Seas Film School
•  Coastal Yachtmaster
•  Offshore Medic

Ryan Heron joined the Earthrace team in 2004 as our documentary film maker.  He was an integral part of the team, and contributed in most areas of the project.  in addition to his film work, he has overseen a one-hour TV documentary which covers the initial fundraising and sponsorship drives, as well as construction of this amazing boat.  He masterminded the DVD which covered the first record attempt.

Ryan continued as a crew member aboard Earthrace during the 2006-07 promotional tour as well as the first record attempt.  Ryan shot all his film on the AG-HVX200 from Panasonic. Anyone interested in getting footage or completed Earthrace documentaries should contact Ryan, Phone: +1 206 851 7911

Anthony Distefano, boat crew

* Diesel Mechanic
* Alternative Fuels Consultant
* USCG Captains license Near Coastal OUVP (200 ton pending)
* Operations manager of Misty Fjords Lodge in Southeast Alaska
* First Aid/CPR.

Anthony joined Earthrace from North Carolina. For the previous ten years he worked for environmental non-profits, ranging from marine mammal protection groups to the McIntosh Foundation which focuses on temperate rainforest protection in Alaska.

Most of his nautical experience comes from working on eco-tourism boats in Southeast Alaska as a wilderness guide, deckhand, and engineer. He started an alternative fuels consulting company in 2005, Independent Biofuels, specializing in biodiesel and conversion of diesel engines to run on straight vegetable oil (SVO).

After Earthrace he planned to finish his pursuit of a degree in Maritime Law in hopes of furthering fisheries protection and marine mammal conservation.

Scott Fratcher - Chief Engineer, ground crew

* Marine Chief Engineer
* Electrical Diagnostician
* PTO Designer
* Author
Scott and wife Allison joined Earthrace in Charleston, South Carolina where they worked on Earthrace's critical repairs for the record attempt. Scott quickly adapted to Earthrace lifestyle and work full force on sponsorship at the Miami Boat Show.

Scott was a key member of the ground crew for the first record attempt. He flew to each race stop organizing docking and most importantly parts and services for the boat.

Scott and Allison are originally from California but migrated south to New Zealand. Most recently they have been living and working on sailboats around the world.

Contact Scott
Skype: (01) 415-287-3483

Lance Wordsworth - Ground Crew Cinematographer

* Graduate - South Seas Film School

Lance joined Earthrace in January of 2007.  He was ground crew and cinematographer during the race in 2007.  He also has a passion for still photography (you can see some of his photos on

Lance was born in Devon, England and moved to New Zealand in 1992 so now calls Auckland, New Zealand home; and with a passion to travel Earthrace is a perfect fit.

At the beginning of 2007, Lance finished the filming of his 2nd feature film 'Five' and has also finished filming a feature length documentary on the war in Iraq. While in New Zealand he filmed for a kids TV show 'Studio 2' and 'Saturday Disney' for 2 years and whilst he missed working with kids, he loved travelling and meeting people through Earthrace. He has now formed the company Unkreative Artists which main focus is on independent feature films.

Lance donated some of his most cherised photos to a children's charity organisation raising money for children in villages around Africa.  The money made from the books goes in to education, the fight against aids, building schools etc etc.  To help fundraise please purchase a copy at

Lance was a great asset to the Earthrace team and brought with him a fresh spirit and excitement for the project.   He is now working as a freelance Lighting Cameraman based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Contact Lance: +21 02 600 173

Allison Thompson - Logistics Coordinator, ground crew

  • Master 100T 
  • STCW 95 
  • Basic Marine Fire Fighting, CPR and First Aid 
  • Amateur Radio Operator General KG6BLM 
  • Marine Radio Operator Permit

Allison and husband Scott joined Earthrace in Charleston, South Carolina five weeks before the start where they worked on Earthrace's critical repairs for the first record attempt. Allison quickly adapted to Earthrace lifestyle and worked full force on sponsorship at the Miami Boat Show.

As part of the management team, Allison held the responsibilities of organizing docking and immigration logistics. She was also be a backup for boat crew with her extensive nautical experience.

Allison is originally from California, she has sailed over 150,000 nautical miles; crossed the pacific and immigrated to New Zealand, making her a perfect fit with Earthrace.  Following her Earthrace experience, she has been living and working as Captain on sailboats and super yachts around the world.

Contact Allison
Skype: (01) 415-287-3483

John Allen- Operations Manager, ground crew

* BS Chemistry (Waikato University)

* Diploma in Intellectual Property (FPLC, NH, USA)

* Registered Patent Attorney, FNZIPA

John worked as a patent attorney for 16 years before leaving in 2003 in order to travel and subsequently to explore completely different career opportunities.

John had the role of marketing and helping to raise funds through sponsorship.

John was inspired by the Earthrace project and passionately believes in what it is all about.

John, who remained with Earthrace throughout the first attempt, and through the subsequent tour until the boat reached the UK in September 2007, was an integral part of the team and Earthrace would not be where it is today had it not been for his hard work and dedication.

Contact John

Devann Yates -Media Liaison, ground crew

* California State University Long Beach

Devann travelled with Earthrace from October 2006.  She is originally from Southern California and joined Earthrace with the desire to travel while leaving a positive environmental impact.

Devann and John made up the ground crew for the East Coast promotional tour travelling in Leroy ahead of Earthrace.  She was the media, website, and USA contact point during the first record attempt.

David Pérez - Race Leg Sponsorship, ground crew

* Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) - Clarkson University

* Graduate (The Landmark Forum) - Landmark Education

* Account Manager (Time Warner Telecom) - NY

* Project Manager-Quality Assurance (Xerox Corporation) - NY

* International Applications Engineer (Pulsafeeder) - NY

* Former Life Guard - Advanced Lifesaving, First Aid and CPR

* Consultative Sales