check out these really cool blogs!

Earthrace has various blogs over the last three years of adventures.  Below are the best of them.:

Video Blog:  2-4minute videos from on our Earthrace TV station, starting way back in construction in 2006, and right up to the final party in Valencia after Earthrace got the record.
Captain's Blog:  Written blog from Earthrace skipper Pete Bethune.  Updated daily during the record attempt
Groundcrew Blog:  Written blog from Fiona Clark, Adrian Erangey and Tino de Freitas, who were on the ground crew organsing refuelling stops
Supporters feed back:  Messages posted by others about Earthrace.  Feel free to add your comments
Photo Blog:  The latest photos from Earthrace, plus a whole bunch going way back to early 2006

Below are a couple more video blogs in flash format.  Just click on the image to download.  They may take a minute to download.  The right hand video was of the Columbian Navy who opened fire on us during the first sea trials.  And  on the left was when we first left New Zealand, and includes the amazing Minnerva Reef. 

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