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Throughout the record attempt in 2008, Cyprus TV hosted our video blogs from the refit through to the completion of the record breaking journey.  Following the arrival of Earthrace and the team back in Spain in June 2008, the sponsorship (for which we are enternally grateful) came to an end.

Links to a selection of the blogs are below...going all the way back to the initial design and construction of Earthrace and the first world record attempt...and all the way forward to the final deconstruction and destruction by the Shonan Maru #2 of the Ady Gil on 5 January 2010.

Unless otherwise indicated, all the footage is by either Rob Drewett, fourth member of boat crew/cameraman for 2008 World Record and founder of Waterproof Productions, or Ryan Heron, 2007 crew member and cameraman, Seacrest Films.

All videos are Windows Media (.wmv) unless otherwise indicated by (.mov)

ady gil

Thanks to youtube for most of these videos.

Back to Black
Earthrace becomes the Ady Gil
Whale Wars - Ady Gil (Discovery Animal Planet)
Interview with Pete before heading for Antarctica ("my job is to implement the tactics Paul Watson tells me to do")
First confrontation
Footage from Ady Gil just prior to the ramming
Footage of ramming from MV Bob Barker
Footage of ramming from Shonan Maru #2
Sychronised view from Bob Barker and Shonan Maru
Three-way sychronised view of the ramming (Ady Gil clearly shown resting in the water) (sycophant01)
Pete boards the Shonan Maru #2 (news report, TV3 NZ)
Interview with Ady Gil after the ramming
RIP Ady Gil (Bob Simmons)


2008 world record

Start of world record (John Rodriguez, 27 April 2008)

First leg from Sagunto to Azores (.mov)
Atlantic crossing (.mov)
Puerto Friko!
Panama Canal - 2nd time around (.mov)
Pure Pacific (.mov)
Caught in a net (.mov)
Isla Navidad, Mexico - running out of fuel (.mov)
Pacific Problems (.mov)
Singapore haul-out (.mov)

Finish line - 27 June 2008, 13.24 GMT
Over the finish line on board Earthrace (.mov)
Finish line 2
Earthrace breaks the record (John Rodriguez, 27 June 2008)
Back on dry land
Interview with Pete Bethune at finish line

Final blog

pre-2008 world record refit

Refit medley (March, Sagunto, Spain)
New engines (thanks to Cummins-Mercruiser)
Smartening up the refit crew (thanks to Blaklader)
At-tent-ion refit painting crew (thanks to Yachtcovers and Pinmar)
Refit crew race
Blessing in Benefairo
Local school visit
Pimp My Boat episode 1
PMB episode 2
Re-launched after refit - 12 March
First sea trials
Meditteranean sea trial
Trip to France
Media day (thanks to Engloba Communicao and PR Newswire)
Sick sea
Fifth and final sea trial (.mov)

2007 world record attempt

sponsorship video 2007 (Ryan Heron, music 'love and not the lesson' by

Start of 2007 attempt
Waiting to go through Panama Canal
Panama Canal
Guatamala collission - March 18 2007
Leaving Guatamala
In and out of San Diego
On our way to Hawaii 2,300 nm in a straight line
Making up time
470 nm from Koror - fuel problems
On the way to Singapore

2006-07 tour

earthrace joins the Giants game (illini50, Aug 2006)
panama canal and getting shot at (Ryan Heron, Dec 06)
wakeboarding in the middle of the Pacific (Ryan Heron, Aug 2006)
Vancouver fireworks
Maui - in and out
ER in San Fran
San Diego and Long Beach - oil rigs
Getting shot at by the Columbians!
Heli shots and fog on the Mississippi
Charleston, Carolina - five weeks pre-start

construction 2006

construction 1
construction 2
construction 3
wavepiercing simulation
Flipping the hull
Short of cash for carbon
Got our mojo back
95% complete
150K short
Back on track
Week away from launch
Earthrace launch - forgot to check the width of the warehouse doors!
Sea trials

earthrace launch 2006 (Discovery Science, Oct 2006)