tour locations and dates - post record

After a short rest following the successful breaking of the Global Circumnavigation Record, Earthrace, Pete Bethune and a new crew set off on the way home to New Zealand.

The tour took in Europe, the Caribbean and Australia with Earthrace finally arriving back in NZ on Waitangi Day, 6 February 2009.


Lisbon (Portugal)                                                                 9-11 July
Norwegian Class 1 Powerboat Grand Prix, Arendal    16-20 July Wed - Sun
Maastrand (Sweden)                                                           22-23 Jul Tue - Wed
Goopdegoopde (Sweden)                                                 24-Jul Thu
Halden Vannsport Festival, Norway                                 25-27 July Fri - Sun
Stavangar (Norway)                                                             28-30 Jul Mon - Wed
Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club, Lowestoft                    1-3 Aug Fri - Sun
Brighton Marina                                                                              5-6 August  Tue-Wed  
Southampton                                                                        15-17 Aug Fri-Sun  
Weymouth                                                                              18-20 Aug  Mon-Wed
Plymouth                                                                                  21-24 Aug Thur -Sun
Torquay                                                                                   25-27 Aug  Mon-Wed 
Isles of Scilly (St Mary's)                                                      30-31 Aug Sat - Sun
Padstow                                                                                 1-3 Sep Mon - Wed
Cardiff                                                                                      4-7 Sep Thu - Mon
Bristol                                                                                      8-11 Sep Mon - Fri

atlantic / caribbean

Vigo (Spain) 15-18 Sep Mon - Thu
Oporto (Portugal) 19-21 Sep Fri - Sun
Lisbao (Portugal) 22-25 Sep Mon - Thu
Jamaica 15 Oct Wed
Cayman Islands 17-19 Oct Fri - Sun
Panama Canal 24-Oct Fri

pacific tour

Panama 23-25 Oct Thu - Sat
Galapagos 29-30 Oct Wed - Thu
Papeete (Tahiti) 15-17 Nov Sat - Mon

21-23 Nov

Fri - Sun
Suva (Fiji) 28-30 Nov Fri - Sun
Vanuatu (Port Villa) 04-06 Dec Thu - Sat
1770, Australia 12-14 Dec Fri - Sun

Following this, Earthrace began her journey home, via Australia, to New Zealand.  Click on the country for more details of tour dates in Australia and New Zealand.