Earthrace in schools

Skipper Pete Bethune's dream was always to increase awareness of the use of renewable fuels and sustainable living.  A huge part of the Earthrace journey, including the tours, were to help enable him to reach as many young people as possible.

They are the ones who will be influential in continuing the development and use of biodiesel and other sustainable resources.

Pete  visited many schools and colleges and talked to many thousands of students of all ages throughout the world whilst on tour with Earthrace.


School visiting Earthrace during her refit in Sagunto, Spain  Windows    MAC

teacher resources

We have collected some great links to free lesson plans on the web.  

Think about ways in which the Earthrace project could be integrated into your curriculum.

  • Use the 'Where is Earthrace' function in geography lessons to explore the world, or in maths to calculate distances, speed and fuel capacity
  • Check out the amazing technology and design within Earthrace
  • Use our environment section to add to class dicsussions about sustainable living and the use of renewable fuels
  • Use our news and media section in your media studies groups

    You can find out more about biofuel and other renewable energy options in our environment section