our musicians

Earthrace is lucky to have the support of a number of wicked musicians from Aotearoa.  Their music has been used in our video blogs, as background music to this website, and in the upcoming TV series.  Respect to all these talented people who have been generous and gracious in their support of us.


Jeramiah Ross (AKA Module) is a wellington based musician.  His tracks have featured heavily in our video blogs, and it is likely we'll use one or two of his songs in the upcoming TV series.  We're also working with Module on a song that highlights the globe's dwindling resources.   For the latest news on module go to  www.module.co.nz. 

tiki taane

Tiki is a legend in the New Zealand music scene, having fronted Salmonella Dub, and now doing his own  thing under the Tiki Dub label.  Pete saw them at BDO in Aucland recently (Tiki played with a bunch of the lads from Shapeshifter) and was blown away.  We are really grateful that Tiki, Ninakaye, and their whanau have agreed to our using their music.  We've recently used "now this is it" in a video blog, and a few more will certainly follow. Check out www.tikidub.com

an emerald city

This is an exciting new band that recieved rave reviews last year with their inspirational music.  Their unusual mix of instruments gives it an earthy middle eastern feel and it really suits some of the video blogs.  We'll also use several of their tracks in the TV series.   


Pete saw these guys play a couple of years ago and has been an avid fan ever since.  There is a raw energy about their live gigs that is just infectious.  We used one of their tracks on the original "Riches to Rags" DVD, and several have been used in blogs.  Check out  www.kora.co.nz

Jordan Reyne

3 times nominee at the NZ Music awards, Jordan has carved a niche for herself with her unique mix of sounds.  Her music is dark, soulful and brooding, with an amazing blend of industrial, percussion, and haunting melodic vocals.  We are looking to use a couple of her songs in the TV series.  She is originally from Aotearoa, but is currently based in Germany continuing her musical journey. Her website is here